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Constructive Negotiations

Have you attempted to negotiate a way forward directly with your partner and simply need a solicitor to advise on what has been agreed and draw up an Agreement? Or do you need a lawyer to negotiate areas of dispute relating to your divorce or separation?

We can help in either scenario or aim to reach a fair solution for you through solicitor correspondence and/or roundtable meetings.

We provide full representation and support by taking away the strain of negotiation from you and dealing directly with the other solicitor. This enables us to advise you objectively and with the benefit of our professional experience, we can achieve your goals by reaching an agreement without court proceedings being issued. Once negotiations are successfully concluded, we can draw up the consent order providing a binding order that is then approved by the court without the need to attend court in person.

In financial proceedings, the negotiations should take place after there has been full and frank financial disclosure.

We can also hold roundtable meetings with other solicitors with a view to narrowing issues and finding ways of dealing with the obstacles which are in the way of reaching an agreement.

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