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Ex-pat Divorce and International Family Law

We specialise in International Family Law and provide advice, support and representation from our offices in Winchester and Putney, South West London. If you are able to spend only a limited amount of time in the UK, we can act as your hub and assist in co-ordinating all your legal and financial planning needs such as arranging for a specialist probate lawyer, pension specialist or holistic financial planner to join us at our meetings. We are flexible and can meet with you via Microsoft Teams or Zoom when required.

Joanne Houston has been a Resolution accredited specialist in international family law, one of only a small number of divorce solicitors in England and Wales and offers fixed rate ex-pat divorce packages 

Our Ex-pat Divorce and International Family Law Services Include

  • The relocation of children abroad on a temporary or permanent basis
  • Opposition to the relocation of children
  • Taking a child abroad for a holiday without the consent of the other parent
  • International child arrangement orders
  • International parenting plans
  • International child abduction
  • Obtaining Mirror Orders
  • Hague Convention and wardship proceedings
  • The tracing and location of children who have been wrongfully removed
  • Financial implications in respect of fathers or children living abroad such as the enforcement of child support and school fees orders
  • Ex-pat divorces if you live in the UK or outside the UK
  • Advice on jurisdiction and forum in international divorces
  • The location of and service on spouses abroad
  • Financial claims in multiple jurisdictions
  • Financial claims involving high net worth assets, off shore trusts and assets that should be frozen to prevent their removal abroad.
  • The enforceability of foreign ante nuptial agreements in the UK
  • Applications for financial relief in the UK following foreign divorce.

It is essential to obtain immediate and specialist advice in this specialist and complex area of law.

Unlike many solicitors' practice we only handle divorce and family law and are specialists in this field. You will have direct access to an experienced divorce solicitor who will provide you with clear and practical legal advice throughout the process for all aspects of your divorce including your home, your children, your money, your business and your pension. We aim to guide you through your divorce with appropriate sensitivity.

We deal with divorces for UK residents, ex-pats and foreigners residing in the UK who are entitled to bring proceedings in England and Wales. International elements can bring complexity to divorces. This is a complex area of law and it is essential to seek early specialist advice.

Our Ex-pat Divorce and International Family Law experience:

  • Divorces for expats including advice on the country in which proceedings should be issued. Swift action will be needed if there is a rush to issue in your jurisdiction of choice
  • Property disputes involving foreign assets, property and businesses
  • Issues relating to payment of maintenance where the child or payer lives abroad
  • Emergency financial applications
  • Registration variation and enforcement of UK orders abroad and foreign orders in the UK
  • Pre-nuptial agreements for couples, one of whom may be resident overseas and advice on the enforceability of foreign pre-nuptial agreements
  • Financial applications in England following a foreign divorce
  • Child arrangements for children with a parent overseas
  • Skype mediation on child arrangements where one parent is overseas
  • Hague Convention proceedings
  • Wardship proceedings
  • Applications for Mirror Orders
  • Moving abroad with children.
  • International parental child abduction

Our reported cases:

NG v OG (2014) EWHC 4182

S v S (2014) EWHC 575 (Fam)

We cannot advise on the law in the foreign jurisdiction but can liaise with foreign lawyers where necessary.

Time differences need not cause problems as we are pleased to arrange telephone or skype conferences with you if you are overseas at times convenient to you.


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