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Relationship Agreements

Even the most civilised relationship breakdown can be difficult and brings with it practical, emotional and legal issues to resolve at a time when you are perhaps vulnerable and least capable of dealing with them.

You are best advised to enter into an agreement at the start of cohabitation, pre registration of your civil partnership or during your engagement to provide you with certainty as to how your assets are likely to be divided in the event of the relationship breaking down. You can then enjoy your new relationship or big day knowing that your position is secure and you have done all you can to legally protect your position.

It is particularly important to enter into an agreement if you wish to protect pre-acquired assets, if you have inherited wealth, a family farming or other business or if you are entering into a second or subsequent relationship.

We can negotiate the content of and prepare the following agreements for you. Collaborative law can be used for this process.

If your marriage has broken down but you choose not to divorce for 2 years' time we can prepare a Separation Agreement for you often for a fixed fee starting at £800 plus vat.

Although these agreements are not legally binding on the court in the event of a future relationship breakdown, they are increasingly being relied on and will carry significant weight if properly prepared and drafted.

The Following Types of Relationship Agreements Are Available

  • Living together Agreements for cohabitees
  • Pre-Registration Agreements for civil partners
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements for engaged couples
  • Post-Nuptial Agreements for married couples
  • Separation Agreements for separating or separated couples

For details of our fixed pricing for these Agreements please refer to our 'How We Charge' page.

For more information view our Relationship Agreements Factsheet.

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