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We will listen to your financial goals in the divorce both in the short term and long term and generally suggest that you obtain independent financial advice to help with all financial options and find a way forward for a financial future that meets your needs. We also listen to your concerns and obstacles when they are in your way. Generally, we advise you to use an alternative dispute resolution process, such as mediation, collaborative law or arbitration, rather than issuing court proceedings to deal with all issues relating to money.

Once agreement is reached in respect of what will happen to the property, bank accounts, income and pensions, a consent order will be drawn up and submitted to the Family Court for approval by a District Judge on paper. It is important that this step is taken and that you obtain a fully binding order in respect of financial matters. Without this, financial issues are not resolved and either you or your spouse could be open to future financial claims if you have not obtained a “clean break”.

When considering financial issues, the court can make orders in respect of but not limited to:-

  1. Spousal maintenance
  2. Child maintenance
  3. Lump sum payment
  4. Orders for the transfer or sale of a property
  5. Pension sharing orders, or pension attachment orders
  6. Order as to costs

Fixed Fee packages may be available for certain types of work we carry out on your behalf in respect of financial issues such as court hearings, cohabitation agreements, separation agreements, and consent orders and the Fixed Fee packages start at £800 plus VAT and can be obtained on request.

Divorce and Finance

Going through a divorce, trying to split the family assets and reach a workable financial settlement can be a daunting prospect and bring with it concerns as to your future financial security. We have over 20 years of experience of dealing with these issues and have represented high net worth individuals, household names, ex pats as well as individuals with companies, offshore trusts, farming assets and foreign property. We can issue court proceedings in emergency situations for example to prevent the dissipation of assets or to obtain interim maintenance

We aim to achieve a fair and binding solution for you following full and frank disclosure of both parties' financial positions by negotiating with your former partner's lawyer, collaborative law, mediation referral, arbitration or court proceedings.


For more information download our divorce and finances fact sheet.


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