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High Net Worth Individuals

High Net Worth Clients

We understand the needs of high net clients and have an abundance of experience in dealing with the issues that arise in these cases. We understand the importance of understanding your financial relationship, how wealth has been accrued and unmatched contributions that may have been made. 

We have supported a wide range of clients both in the UK and internationally including CEOs of banks and international companies, entrepreneurs, professionals, clients with royal connections, professional sports persons, lottery winners and husband and wife business owners. 

Dividing shared assets and particularly business assets and moving them from tax efficient vehicles can take time and needs expert advice and support from other professionals. Clear and professional valuation of assets is an important part of the process, and this generally takes place on a jointly instructed basis to facilitate reaching agreement on asset values. We advise on valuing complex business structures, property values nationally and internationally, trust interests and complex pension arrangements. 

We will support you in providing full and financial disclosure and advise on what is reasonable to be disclosed. Generally, full disclosure of at least 12 months’ assets and income is required, and the court can trawl back further. We will also advise on analysing disclosure, raise questions on disclosure and request additional information and documentation that may be required.  

Full consideration and advice will be given as to whether or not assets should be treated as matrimonial assets to be shared or non – matrimonial assets which may enable an element of ringfencing. 

We also understand the importance of preserving your reputation and privacy and in light of the courts’ current steer towards media openness in family courts, we can advise on reporting restrictions and also on alternative dispute resolution processes to ensure that the facts of the marriage breakdown, financial aspects and settlement outcome remain entirely private. 

Wealth may have been built up over generations of the same family or by your own back breaking endeavour of risk laden enterprise. It is important that you seek full advice at an early stage to protect that wealth and approach the marriage breakdown appropriately and we can advise on what is in your best interests. 

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