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Moving Forward

We aim to provide you with support throughout the divorce and separation process where you need it. We appreciate that moving on from a marriage or relationship can be a difficult step and we have links with professionals who can assist you at each step of the way.

Divorce Aid is a service provides legal and practical advice and a full range of holistic resources for you can be found at

Here at Just Family Law we consider that your divorce is an appropriate time for you to consider all of your needs, not just your legal ones and to ensure that you are fully equipped with confidence, assertiveness, independence and autonomy for your future and newly separated family unit. We have various contacts including counsellors, family consultants, life coaches, financial advisers, pension specialists and child mediators who can assist you, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like us to listen to your needs and put you in touch with the most appropriate consultant to assist. Please note that we do not share fees in respect of such arrangements but simply refer you to the consultant who we feel would best help and support you and your family.

You may be able to make your own independent arrangements to engage these specialist consultants, or alternatively, they may be able to join us in a meeting at our offices.

There are many benefits of having a life coach or family consultant either within a collaborative process or simply to help guide you through the difficult times of your divorce. The divorce process can be seen not just as a process of resolving family, legal and practical issues but also a way of developing your skills and preparing for the next stage of your life once the divorce is finalised. We aim to provide you with as many tools as you need for the future and not just legal and practical advice.

Dr John Eaton is a Counsellor with over twenty years experience in assisting individuals with relationship and personal problems. He specialises in working with stress, fatigue illnesses, relationship breakdown, and depression. He uses a variety of approaches to suit the individual case with the emphasis on Brief Solution-Focused Therapy and is based in Harley Street, London and Newbury, Berkshire.

Karen Morley is a life coach offering individual or couple coaching at Better Life Coaching in Cadnam, Hampshire and can offer clinics at our offices

Nick Lamprey of The Relationship People in Hedge End, Southampton is an independent social worker who can provide parenting support and strategies and can meet you at our offices

We also recommend various financial advisors and pension experts to assist in planning your way forward.


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