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Moving abroad with Children and Child Abduction

Did you know that a parent cannot remove their child from England and Wales for a period of 28 days or more without consent from the other parent and all other adults with parental responsibility for the child and in the absence of such consent, permission from the court? To do so is a wrongful removal of that child and constitutes a criminal offence.

The court will carefully consider whether or not to grant permission and will need to be satisfied that the move will be in the best interests of the child in terms of its relationships with both parents and that the emigration or extended holiday or relocation plans are sound, well planned and child-centred.

This is a specialist area of law in which Joanne Houston has a wealth of experience of successfully acting for resident and non-resident parents permanently moving abroad and for the parents opposing these applications.

Child abduction
Are you concerned that a child may be abducted or has been abducted? Immediate steps must be taken to protect your child. This is a complex and specialist area of law and you are best advised to instruct a lawyer who is a specialist in this field.

Joanne Houston is a Resolution re-accredited international family lawyer

We can advise on:

  • Steps to take if you have suspicions that an abduction is a possibility
  • Steps to take if there is an immediate risk of international parental child abduction
  • Steps to take if a child has been wrongfully removed from England and Wales

For more information download out child abduction fact sheet

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