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Bespoke tailored service

Here at Just Family Law we understand that every family is unique. Whether you come to us at the start of a new relationship, at the end of a long marriage or with concerns for your children or your financial future, we are here to expertly guide you through the process to a constructive and reliable solution. We consider the right process for you, your family and your circumstances.

Out of court solutions

No matter the complexity or delicacy of your situation, we can help you to secure the best outcome for you and your family with compassion and care. Our team is dedicated to collaborative law and its ideals and can help you to navigate emotive and often highly stressful situations, working to reduce any animosity and foster respectful positive relationships for the future. We will carefully consider the most appropriate out of court process for your particular family circumstances and only issue court proceedings as a last resort or if required to deal with an emergency or urgent situation.

Specialist expertise and skill

Our diverse specialist team have a wealth of experience across all areas of family law ensuring you have access to the expertise you need. We will discuss with you what you want to achieve and what your concerns are to understand your position and give considered, complete advice. We work to make sure you have the knowledge and understanding to move forward with confidence, and tailor our approach to find the balance that works best for you.

We are a team working for you

At JFL we work together as a small closely knit team and strive to be approachable and available to meet your needs. As a result of our unique method of working you will always have access to a member of the team who knows your case and your matter will benefit from the expertise of every member of the team.

Care and empathy

We will listen to your issues and advise on what you need to achieve your goals in a clear and sensitive way. We have many third party contacts; specialist counsellors, therapists and relationship coaches who can work along side us and provide you with full emotional support to complement the services we provide to you.

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