What to Expect at your Initial Meeting with your Just Family Law Solicitor

Taking the first step towards divorce can be daunting, and that initial meeting with a solicitor can feel particularly nerve-wracking. Here at Just Family Law, we understand that, and we want to help you feel reassured and supported.

This meeting is an opportunity for you to explain your situation to an experienced professional and for your solicitor to understand your specific needs and goals. Your solicitor will ask questions to get a clear picture, but don’t be afraid to ask your own too. There are no silly questions, and we understand the importance of explaining things in plain English.

What to Bring

While it’s not essential, there are a few things that can help your solicitor give you the most tailored advice:

  • Marriage certificate (if you have it)
  • Any relevant documents and correspondence – letters from your spouse’s solicitor, court documents (if applicable)
  • A brief chronology of key dates in your relationship (optional)
  • A financial overview (optional, but helpful for discussing financial settlements)

Bringing Someone with You

Going through a divorce can be emotionally draining, and it may be difficult to focus and take in all the advice being received. Bringing along a friend or family member for support can be a good idea. They can be there to listen and take notes, which can be helpful when you’re processing a lot of information.

What Will Be Discussed?

We will cover a range of topics, including:

  • The different stages of divorce – we will explain the legal process and the steps involved.
  • Your process options – we will consider with you the various processes available to you which could include negotiation, collaborative law, mediation, arbitration, or court proceedings, depending on your circumstances.
  • Financial considerations – we will inform you of the types of outcomes available including the division of capital, pension sharing orders and spousal maintenance.
  • Arrangements for children – we will discuss your parenting plan and proposed child arrangements.
  • Costs – we will provide information about how we charge, fees and potential third-party costs.
  • Gathering information- we will ask questions to get a clearer picture of your circumstances, including the length of your marriage, financial situation, and any existing arrangements regarding children.
  • Understanding your goals- we will discuss what you are hoping to achieve through divorce in respect of your future family relationship, child arrangements and financial outcomes.
  • Understanding your concerns- we will ask you about your specific concerns about your children or financial matters.
  • Addressing your questions- we will answer any specific questions you have to improve your peace of mind.
  • Considering any domestic abuse issues- we are trained to identify any issues of abuse within your relationship and signpost third party services and agencies who may be able to assist you.

Do you need extra support?

Within the process we can involve a financial consultant or divorce/life coach to provide you with a full range of support to meet your individual needs. It is really beneficial to seek this support from the outset to help you with issues ranging from cash flow modelling to emotional support and startegies

Preparing for Your Meeting:

It is helpful to bring along:

  • Key dates: important dates like your date of marriage, any separation dates, and children’s dates of birth.
  • Financial snapshot: a general idea of joint assets, debts, and income is beneficial.
  • Existing documentation: any relevant documents like a prenuptial agreement or communication from your spouse’s solicitor.
  • Your ID: so we can verify your identity.
  • Our completed questionnaire: so we have relevant information at our fingertips.


  • This is an initial consultation. It doesn’t mean you are committed to instructing us straight away. Take some time afterwards to reflect on what we discussed and the timeframe for taking action that is best for you.
  • Be honest and open. The more information you give or provide, the better we can advise you.

This initial meeting is your opportunity to gain some clarity and feel empowered to move forward. At Just Family Law, we’re here to guide you through the process with compassion and expertise.

Following your initial consultation, we can provide a summary of the key points discussed and outline the next steps. This might involve gathering further information, exploring alternative dispute resolution options, or initiating court proceedings if absolutely necessary.

To arrange an initial consultation with one of our experienced family law solicitors, contact us today by calling 01962 217640 or emailing joannehouston@just-family-law.com

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