How to Fill in a Form E Financial Statement on Divorce – Pt 1

How to Fill in a Form E Financial Statement on DivorceThis blog is about how to fill in a Form E Financial Statement on Divorce. If you’re not sure whether you should fill in a Form E, or you’re not sure what to disclose, make sure you obtain legal advice from an expert family lawyer

What Form E is all about

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Don’t fall at the first hurdle

What could be worse than finally sitting down to fill in your Form E and you fall at the first hurdle because you haven’t got the right documents. This week I’ll tell you what documents you need so you can start collecting them together.

Why these documents are necessary

They are required by the Form E. If you don’t include them you will be chased by the other side or ultimately ordered by the Court. So you might as well get on with it now.


  • If you own or part own any properties – family home, holiday home, investment property – a valuation for each in the last six months is helpful. The more recent the better otherwise you’re going to have to rely on a guess and if you’re way off, this could cause unnecessary delay and expense in your case
  • A recent mortgage statement for each property
  • Click this link to the Land Registry for an online title summary providing basic information about the property. For more detail, order documents by following this link Land Registry.

Bank, building society and savings accounts

Whether in your sole name or jointly with others – 12 months of statements for each.

Any other investments; eg shares, ISAs

Last statement for each investment.

Life assurance policies/endowment policies

Recent statement to show surrender value.

Running a business

  • Last two years’ accounts and
  • evidence that supports your valuation of your business; eg a letter from your accountant


Write to your pension provider and ask for the cash equivalent transfer value.


  • Your last P60 together with
  • wages slips for the last three months

Self employed

  • Last two tax assessments but if these aren’t available, a letter from your accountant
  • If the estimate for your net income for the next twelve months is significantly different from your net income from your last set of accounts, you’ll need to provide a set of your management accounts for the current period to explain the difference

Next blog

Got all your documents together? My next blog will guide you through how to fill in a Form E Financial Statement on Divorce.

How to Fill in a Form E Financial Statement on Divorce

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