Resolution Together – the “one couple one lawyer” approach to an amicable separation

Resolution Together is a new advice-based service that allows us to work jointly with you both to provide appropriate legal advice and guidance and negotiate the terms of your divorce settlement.


The One Couple One Lawyer approach is best suited for couples whose joint aim is to reach an outcome together which meets their needs, and if they are parents, the needs of their children.


This new way of working flows from the implementation of no-fault divorce applications which enable parties to apply for a divorce without blame or confrontation. It comes after the implementation of the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act which allowed couples, for the first time, to make joint applications to end a marriage collectively without unnecessary conflict.


Increasingly, couples are now seeking legal advice to formalise financial agreements together with one lawyer. We can help you with this by acting as an impartial mediator, helping you navigate the legal process and reaching outcomes that you both find fair.


The benefits of using Resolution Together include:


  1. Reducing costs as only one lawyer is instructed.
  2. Reducing conflict as a collaborative approach is adopted.
  3. Quicker results as only one solicitor is to consider both your interests.
  4. Confidentiality as personal information is shared only with one lawyer
  5. Streamlined communication flowing between the couple and one solicitor only.
  6. Easier cooperation as you are encouraged to work together for the benefit of the family as a whole.


In this process, we will provide advice to a couple who wish to manage their separation together. You will be suitable for the process if you:

  • are both committed to an amicable separation.
  • have a relationship with an even power balance.
  • have a good understanding of each other’s finances.
  • can comfortably and honestly communicate.
  • are willing to negotiate openly.
  • hold mutual respect and value each other.
  • have a joint aim to reach an outcome together, meeting all the needs of the family.
  • share goals to minimise disruption for the children.
  • will provide all necessary disclosure.
  • want to be advised professionally by a regulated solicitor.
  • wish to save costs by instructing one lawyer rather than two.

It is unlikely to be a suitable process if there is, or has been, any form of abuse in your relationship, if you have issues to be determined that involve complex international or jurisdictional elements, or if there is a risk of child abduction.


Resolution Together is different to mediation as it is an advice-based service and not a dispute resolution process. It is delivered by a single regulated solicitor whose aim is to support you to reach a consensual outcome. A mediator can give information, but they cannot provide advice.


We will advise you jointly and confidentially with the goal of reaching an agreement that will be recorded in a draft order and lodged with the court for approval.


Mediation, other dispute resolution services or third party advice such as from a financial or pension expert may be required alongside Resolution Together if you cannot reach an agreement on a specific issue.

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