Don’t Go It Alone : Exploring the Benefits of Hybrid Mediation in Family Law

What is Hybrid Mediation?

Think of hybrid mediation as a bridge between traditional mediation with full legal support by your side. You still benefit from a mediator’s guidance in facilitating open communication and exploring settlement options. However, unlike traditional mediation, you have the added security of having your lawyer present as part of the process.

Why Choose Hybrid Mediation?

Here at Just Family Law, we believe hybrid mediation offers a unique set of advantages for separating couples:

  • Comfort and Confidence: Ease the pressure on you by avoiding face-to-face confrontation and communications.
  • Safe setting: Confidential private discussions allow you to say what you need from your settlement and why. This is communicated between lawyers giving you a buffer from communications that may make you anxious.
  • Confidentiality: Sensitive issues can be discussed confidentially with your lawyer in a separate sessions space allowing you to explore options freely. The mediator holds the confidences of both parties.
  • Informed Decisions: Your lawyer will play a crucial role in ensuring you understand the legal implications of any proposed settlement. Having their expertise readily available empowers you to make well-informed choices.
  • Detailed negotiations: Options can be explored in great detail with full financial disclosure without you feeling over-committed.
  • Streamlined Process: Hybrid mediation offers a quicker and more cost-effective solution compared to more traditional litigation models.
  • Minimise delays: Your lawyer is with you in the mediation and the delays that arise in family mediation models where advice is taken before and after the family mediation session are avoided.
  • Tailored Solutions: Hybrid mediation allows for a more flexible approach.
  • Other Professionals can be called upon: Where required, other family professionals and experts such as accountants, independent financial advisors and independent social workers can contribute to the process. This helps to achieve workable and fair settlements.
  • Preserving Relationships: While emotions are undoubtedly involved, hybrid mediation fosters a more collaborative environment. This can be especially beneficial if you have children and need to establish and maintain a healthy co-parenting dynamic moving forward.


Is Hybrid Mediation Right for You?

Hybrid mediation is particularly well-suited for situations where:

  • There’s a significant power imbalance between partners.
  • There are safeguarding issues, and one person doesn’t feel comfortable being in the same Zoom screen or space as the other.
  • Complex financial issues require legal guidance.
  • High emotions make direct communication difficult.
  • Both parties seek an out of court solution to minimise cost and delay.


How Long Does It Take?

Mediations can involve three to five sessions lasting one to two hours each.  However, if full information is available before the hybrid mediation starts, it is possible to set aside a whole day for a mediation to take place, with a view to achieving a settlement at the end of that day.


Taking the First Step

If you want a fully supported, confidential and cost-effective process in which to resolve your family dispute call Just Family Law on 01962 217640 or email for more information or to get started.



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