10 Pitfalls of DIY Divorce


DIY Divorce1.   Family law is complicated and always changing and you’re likely to find yourself out of your depth. You may regret your DIY financial agreement for the rest of your life.

2.   You may be denied a fair share of the business as your ex has undervalued it.

3.   You might be left with your ex’s debts.

4.   When you’re older you may realise you focused on the value of the family home and not enough on a fair share of the pension. Or you might discover your share of the pension pot (even though it seemed fair at the time) doesn’t provide you with a fair share of the pension income.

5.   Your DIY financial agreement may not include all the assets or liabilities, or may not deal with them fairly, or it may be impossible to put into effect, and you may end up involved in expensive and time consuming court proceedings as a result.

6.   Your ex may not keep to the DIY agreement or may come back for more in the future as you haven’t finalised it as a court order.

7.   You might find yourself accused of child abduction (an imprisonable offence) if you’re an international family and not in agreement about where the children should live.

8.   You may find it impossible to keep things amicable which is damaging for the children.

9.   You’ll miss out on the opportunity of reaching an amicable agreement with the assistance of mediation or collaborative law.

10. You’ll miss out on the expertise and experience of a family solicitor.

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The topics covered in this blog post are complex and are provided for general guidance only. If any of the circumstances mentioned in this blog might have application to you, you should seek expert legal advice.

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