Quick Divorce or Safe Divorce? How To Protect Your Financial Settlement

Quick Divorce1. How Quick Is A Quick Divorce?

Need a quick divorce? It usually takes about four months to end a marriage if the divorce is uncontested and there are no mishaps with the paperwork along the way. This may not sound particularly quick, but did you know you risk missing out financially if it goes even this quickly?  (see question 3 below).

To avoid mishaps with the paperwork take a quick look at our recent blog here.

2. Why Can’t A Quick Divorce Be Quicker?

Because there’s a strict timetable for the Court paperwork.

Documents have to be completed by you, your other half, and the Court. You will need to supply the reasons for your divorce (our recent blog can help). And even when you’ve dealt with all the paperwork and you’ve got your Decree Nisi, you will have to wait six weeks and one day before applying for the Decree Absolute (which ends your marriage).

And did you know there are special rules for short marriages? Click here to read our recent blog on this subject.

3. Why Would Anyone Want To Delay Their Divorce?

Because you could miss out on a fair share of the matrimonial finances.

If your other half dies after the divorce but before you have a Court Order confirming the financial settlement, you could lose out because you won’t be their widow or widower. And you could miss out on a fair share of their pension.

4. When’s The Ideal Time To Finalise A Divorce?

When the Court has made an Order confirming your financial settlement.

This doesn’t mean you have to go to Court for a big fight about money. After all, you may be in agreement about everything, or maybe there are just one or two things outstanding. Whatever the case is, get a quote from a family solicitor to help you with a Consent Order.

5. What Is A Consent Order?

It sets your financial settlement in stone.

Once the Court has made the Order, your other half can’t change their mind. And if you come into money, your other half can’t claim it. You can now apply for your Decree Absolute knowing your interests are protected.

6. Quick Divorce Or Safe Divorce?

It’s up to you. But make sure you take expert legal advice if you have any doubts.

Contact  Joanne Houston on 01962 217640 for free advice on divorce. In this 20 minute session we will discuss with you what’s been going wrong, and advise you of the most suitable wording for your divorce petition, and whether or not you require a Consent Order.


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