8 Tips On Arrangements For Children After Separation

1. If as parents you remain amicable and able to make arrangements for the children yourselves, this really is the best thing you can do for them.

2. Where will the children live and how often will they see their absent parent? Depending on their age and understanding you’ll probably need to discuss these questions with them.

3. There may have to be compromises on both sides but as long as the arrangements are in the children’s best interests that’s okay. Try to agree a routine which everyone can keep to because children who see their absent parent are likely to have better outcomes in terms of social, psychological and physical development. It’s also best if the absent parent remains involved in parenting, is supportive of the children, and provides love and affection.

4.   Children can be just as stressed as adults by repeated moves and long term financial problems. Absent parents sometimes think providing financial support is linked to seeing the children, but regardless of whether the absent parent sees them regularly (for whatever reason) financial support is vital for their long-term wellbeing.

5.   If you can’t agree arrangements please try collaborative law or mediation before going to court.

6.   When the arrangements are in place make sure contact with the children is positive, loving and child focused.

7.   To prevent contact tailing off be prepared to agree new routines and different forms of contact.

8.   What happens if the children don’t see the absent parent? It’s important to explain to them why, and to provide meaningful information about the absent parent.

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