How to have a Good Divorce, 10 things you need to know

How To Have a Good Divorce


          1. How to have a Good Divorce

How to have a Good Divorce? Above all remember to be kind to yourself as this is a challenging time – and get in touch with us, we’re here for you. Our specialist family lawyers will consider all your needs – not just your legal ones – because moving on can be difficult. Importantly we also aim to equip you with confidence, assertiveness, independence and autonomy.

We can put you in touch with –

  • counsellors
  • family consultants
  • life coaches
  • independent social workers
  • financial advisors
  • pension specialists
  • mortgage advisors
  • child mediators

and any other professionals required to provide the best outcome for you and your family.

          2. Mediation

Mediation is an inclusive, positive approach and can help you to remain on friendly terms with your partner or co-parent. It can be used for example to resolve matrimonial financial, cohabitation and children disputes. Some mediators are trained to listen to the children.

          3. Hybrid mediation

Hybrid mediation can help if a thorny or sensitive issue is getting in the way of reaching a positive agreement. Your lawyer will attend the sessions with you.

          4. Collaborative law

Collaborative law is an empowering and constructive solution which enables families to reach individually tailored solutions. Both of you will have your collaborative lawyer present with you – with other experts as needed – at roundtable meetings. This process provides dignity and privacy to families going through separation.

          5. Type of lawyer you need

Find a lawyer who will put your needs first and who will provide you with a workable legal solution. But how to chose? – look for a family lawyer with the following credentials. Ideally they should be:

  • specialist and experienced family lawyers, and practising members of Resolution
  • committed to resolving issues in a proportionate, constructive manner with your best interests in mind
  • able to show you compassion, empathy and understanding whilst retaining a pragmatic approach
  • committed to a child focused approach.

Above all you need a lawyer committed to achieving an amicable out of court settlement and to creating positive relationships for the future.

          6. Consider what you will need financially

You’ll need to consider where you’re going to live and what income you’ll need to support you (and your family). And in addition don’t forget to consider your future needs – make sure you get a fair share of the pensions.

          7. What arrangements will work best for the children

Remaining amicable with your co-parent really is the best thing you can do for your children. So please give careful thought to where the children will live, how often they will see their absent parent – and depending on the children’s ages and understanding you’ll be able to discuss these questions with them. Because children who see their absent parent usually have better outcomes in terms of social, psychological and physical development. But if you can’t agree arrangements please try collaborative law or mediation before going to court.

         8. What is best for you

Counselling can ease you through difficult times, and can help you identify issues in your relationship and how to face them. And if it’s not possible for your relationship to continue, counselling can assist you in coming to terms with separation and can provide you with support in moving forward.

Or perhaps you prefer an alternative holistic approach for instance:

  • reflexology
  • aromatherapy
  • body massage
  • Indian head massage

Alternative approaches can reduce anxiety and help you feel stronger and able to focus on and manage the challenges ahead.

         9. How to have a good divorce

Contact Family Lawyer Joanne Houston on 01962 217640 for an initial consultation on How to Have a Good DivorceIn this 20 minute session she will review your situation and how you can achieve your objectives.

       10. JUST FAMILY LAW are specialist divorce and family lawyers.

We offer Pay as you go costs. We offer Collaborative law solutions tailored to your family’s needs.

The topics covered in this blog post How To Have a Good Divorce are complex. They are provided for general guidance only. If any of the circumstances mentioned in this blog apply to you, seek expert legal advice. This is an evolving area of the law and is current at the date of publication. 

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